Welcome Jade

5 November 2020

We have exciting news, Jade Lees-Pavey is moving in!

For those of you who are regulars in the studio, you may have met Jade. But for those who haven’t let me introduce her to you….and say how amazing it is going to be to have her in the studio. I am the type of person who works well being able to bounce idea odd others, and it is something I have really missed being in the studio by myself. Jade and I have already been working together for the last two years, and the ideas we come up with together truly make my heart sing…she is my studio soul mate

Here are a few words from jade

Hi, I’m Jade and I am so very pleased to be working alongside Mel at Creative Makes. Making, creating, experimenting, whatever you want to call Art and Design, that’s what I have been doing since I can remember. A pivotal moment in my creative life came early, in the form of a box set of Derwent pencils and I really haven’t looked back. I’ve undertaken ‘formal’ study as well as searching out Artisans who are willing to teach and share their knowledge. My favourite phrase for educating myself is “Not all knowledge is taught in the one school.” I have accumulated things for my ‘skills toolbox’ from many different people over decades.

Currently I am pursuing creative outcomes in clay and printmaking. Two incredibly different materials that are technically challenging and require that a lot of calories be consumed by my brain to achieve the outcomes that I desire. I very much like being a technician, Ceramics and Printmaking are more Craft than Fine Art in their initial stages, however it’s ultimately the point of view of the observer that will decide which category they sit in at the end.

Working alongside other Creatives is very important to my life as an Artist, and takes the form of either me as tutor or collaborator, two roles I love! Being creative is as much about guiding others through skill sharing as it is about making Art. Joining Mel at Creative Makes means that I can\ embrace these two roles with gusto. I am looking forward to facilitating interesting workshops that excite and engage you, creating a Community Space for collaborative Art experiences and creating Art in the new artist studio space that Mel and I will share. You will be able to see Art in action and be involved in all manner of creative opportunities.

I am excited to let you know that I will be facilitating drop-in sessions as well as short courses, of up to six weeks, of amazing creative experiences. Monday mornings are scheduled for ongoing Ceramic
Classes, and the afternoons will have different classes scheduled on a rotating monthly basis. You can join in Painting, Drawing and Mixed Media classes. Evening workshops will include Ceramics and the opportunity for you to gather up to 6 friends for the Group Art Class “Come as you are.”

As 2020 was a non-event for a lot of our dreams and plans, I am feeling confident, that in 2021, I can deliver interesting and exciting Art and Creativity opportunities to the Creative Makes community. I look forward to seeing you in studio and sharing all the delightful aspects of Art with you.