Life Drawing

$25.00 per person

Drawing is the foundation for our further artistic/creative practice and drawing the human form is considered a complex and challenging undertaking. By practising drawing from real life we are pushing ourselves to develop on the skill set we have/develop a new skill set.

We know that the thought of attending a life drawing class can sometimes seem overwhelming, especially for those who are complete beginners, and who don’t know what to expect.

We always want to make the experience when you are in the Creative Makes studio as amazing as possible, opening your hearts to your own creativity, and helping you push through the discomfort by providing a safe and supportive environment, guiding you through the process so you can experience something truly beautiful, your creative self.

We will offer two Life drawing classes – Tutored and Untutored
What will the tutored classes involve? THIRD MONDAY OF EACH MONTH
Tutored classes are for the novice/beginner/unsure drawer, and will assist you to approach Life drawing with confidence. Starting with understanding how the class is structured, figuring proportions, learning to draw quickly and decisively, classes will progress through different elements each month. (Handouts of practical information may form part of the class.) Classes will involve trying different mediums, materials and ways of drawing, as well as improving observation and enjoying the practice of drawing from real life.
Untutored classes will be run as a regular Life drawing session, with limited direction from the hosts. The format will follow a set schedule of timed poses, starting with warm-up poses of a few minutes, then progressing onto poses that are held for 5, 10, 20 minutes.
Untutored classes are suitable for beginners, though please note that questions may not be answered within the session.
**Life drawing classes will take place on the First and Third Monday of each month and the second Saturday of each month (unless there is a public holiday) – see calendar for available dates
Cost is $25 per person casual or $20 per person if you purchase a 5 class pass (see linked products below)
PLEASE NOTE – No mobile phones or digital cameras are allowed in drawing studio during class.
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