Clay Kits


Basic Clay Kits for people of all ages containing everything you need to dive into the world of hand-building with clay. If you’ve always wanted to explore making with clay, then this is the kit for you!

This kit contains all the basics including a step by step instructional video that you can follow along to learn how to make your own pinch pot. If you would like to make something a little extra then check out our library of Clay instructional videos and equipment add ons.

We believe everyone, including beginners, deserves quality, affordable materials and so everything we put in our kits we also use in the studio so it’s tried and tested, if it doesn’t pass the studio test, it doesn’t make it in!

Our clay kits come in three different sizes – Tiny Pincher 500g, Medium Kneader 1kg, Ultimate Sculptor 2kg – so choose your size and get ready to discover the world of clay!

Clay –

Tiny Pincher 500g – Enough to make a couple of pinch pots
Medium Kneader 1kg – Enough for you and a friend
Ultimate Sculptor 2kg – Enough for the whole family

Clay care and instructional pamphlet
Mini modelling tools set of 10
Bisque Firing
Instructional video