Exploring Nature Through Art: Outdoor Art Activities on the Mornington Peninsula

3 June 2023

At Creative Makes Studio, we believe in the power of art and the beauty of nature. The Mornington Peninsula offers a wealth of natural wonders just waiting to be explored and captured through artistic expression. In this blog post, we will share some exciting outdoor art activities that you and your children can enjoy on the Mornington Peninsula. So, grab your art supplies, put on your adventurous spirit, and let’s dive into the world of nature-inspired art!

  1. Nature Sketching: Embrace the tranquility of the Mornington Peninsula’s scenic landscapes by engaging in nature sketching. Pack your sketchbook, pencils, and find a comfortable spot in one of the many beautiful parks, beaches, or bushland areas. Encourage your children to observe the details, shapes, and colors of plants, flowers, trees, or seashells. Let them express their artistic interpretations through sketching, capturing the essence of nature’s beauty.
  2. Leaf and Flower Pressing: Take a stroll through a local garden or forest and collect fallen leaves and flowers along the way. Back at home, engage in the age-old art of leaf and flower pressing. Place your collected botanical treasures between the pages of a heavy book, ensuring they are flat and undamaged. After a couple of weeks, unveil the pressed leaves and flowers, and use them to create unique collages, greeting cards, or framed artwork. It’s a fantastic way to preserve the beauty of nature while creating lasting memories.
  3. Seashell Painting: The Mornington Peninsula boasts breathtaking beaches, and what better way to celebrate the coastal beauty than by painting seashells? Take a beachcombing adventure with your children and gather a collection of seashells in various shapes and sizes. Once you’re back at the studio or home, provide your kids with acrylic paints, brushes, and let their imagination run wild. Encourage them to transform the shells into vibrant works of art, creating intricate patterns, scenes, or abstract designs. The shimmering seashells will serve as stunning reminders of their time spent by the sea. Just be mindful as some of our beautiful beaches (eg. Flinders) are marine sanctuaries, so you are unable to take shells home from them, so check before you make your trip.
  4. Land Art Sculptures: Combine the elements of nature and artistic creation by building land art sculptures. Head to a local park or forest with your little artists and search for interesting natural materials like twigs, leaves, rocks, and feathers. Then, using these found objects, construct sculptures and installations within the landscape. Let your children experiment with different arrangements, patterns, and shapes. The process of building these temporary sculptures allows them to appreciate the ephemeral beauty of art in nature. I can highly recommend the book Foraged Art by Peter Cole and Leslie Jonath for lots of inspiration.
  5. Nature-inspired Photography: Capture the essence of the Mornington Peninsula’s natural wonders through photography. Equip your children with a digital camera or even a smartphone and encourage them to explore their surroundings with a keen eye for interesting compositions. Guide them to focus on textures, patterns, colors, or unique perspectives. Encourage them to experiment with close-up shots, panoramic views, or capturing wildlife in action. Together, you can curate a mini-exhibition of their best photographs, showcasing their artistic vision and the beauty of the local environment.

Nature is an endless source of inspiration, and the Mornington Peninsula offers a magnificent canvas for children and parents alike to explore and create. Through outdoor art activities like nature sketching, leaf and flower pressing, seashell painting, land art sculptures, and nature-inspired photography, your children can develop their artistic skills while fostering a deep connection with the natural world. So, get ready to embark on exciting art adventures, immersing yourselves in the beauty of the Mornington Peninsula.