Exploring Local Art: Must-Visit Galleries and Museums on the Mornington Peninsula

3 June 2023

As parents, we understand the importance of exposing our children to the world of art and nurturing their creativity. The Mornington Peninsula is not only renowned for its natural beauty but also for its vibrant art scene. In this blog post, we will take you on a journey to some must-visit galleries on the Mornington Peninsula that are perfect for introducing your children to the wonders of art. So, gather your little artists, and let’s explore the art scene together!

  1. Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery: Located in the heart of Mornington, the Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery (MPRG) is an ideal starting point for exposing children to art. The gallery offers engaging exhibitions designed to captivate young minds and foster their creativity. Through interactive displays, educational programs, and hands-on workshops, children can explore different artistic techniques and gain inspiration from contemporary Australian artworks.
  2. Peninsula Studio Trail: For a unique and immersive experience, the Peninsula Studio Trail offers an excellent opportunity for children to witness artists at work. The self-guided tour takes you to the studios of local artists across the Mornington Peninsula, allowing children to observe their creative processes up close. They can interact with artists, ask questions, and this behind-the-scenes experience can inspire young minds and ignite their passion for art.
  3. McClelland Sculpture Park + Gallery: Located in Langwarrin, the McClelland Sculpture Park + Gallery provides a captivating outdoor setting for children to explore the intersection of art and nature. Take a stroll through the park’s trails, where they can encounter awe-inspiring sculptures nestled within the beautiful bushland. Engage your children in conversations about the artworks, encouraging them to share their thoughts and interpretations. Inside the gallery, they can explore additional exhibitions and participate in interactive programs designed to engage young visitors.
  4. Oak Hill Gallery: Situated in Mornington, Oak Hill Gallery offers a welcoming space for children to engage with local art. The gallery showcases a diverse range of artistic styles and mediums, providing an excellent opportunity for children to experience different art forms. Oak Hill Gallery often hosts workshops and classes specifically tailored for young artists, allowing them to create their own masterpieces under the guidance of experienced instructors. Don’t miss the chance to visit their gift shop, where children can find unique art-related treasures.

The Mornington Peninsula’s art scene provides a wealth of opportunities for exposing children to the world of art and nurturing their creative spirits. From the engaging exhibitions at Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery to the interactive experiences along the Peninsula Studio Trail, there are countless ways to inspire young minds. By visiting galleries like McClelland Sculpture Park + Gallery, and Oak Hill Gallery, you can foster a love for art in your children while allowing them to explore their own artistic expressions. So, embark on this art-filled journey together and watch as their imaginations soar.