My name is Mel, and I am the owner of Creative Makes. I have always enjoyed being creative. Ever since I was quite small I have loved making things and seeing the joy that this brings to others. I love the process just as much as the end product, getting messy is so much a part of the creativity that the end product simply isn’t as satisfying without the mess (although I’m not sure my husband would agree with me when I’m ‘getting creative’ in the kitchen). Four years ago I obtained my Certificate III in Early Childhood and began to apply my creativity working in an early childhood setting with preschool children. I truly enjoy reliving the feelings of discovery I felt when I was young watching the children explore and create freely and without inhibition.

Working with children at kinder and having children of my own I appreciate the creativity so much more. I can see that it’s not just fun, they are also learning at the same time. Learning what their little hands can do, problem solving, colours, textures, the pride in what they have created and of course they LOVE it!

Thus Creative Makes was born, both from my own love of art and craft, and the young mind with its inhibition, imagination and inventiveness, and sharing this passion with others. A creative space for people of ALL AGES!

I’m all about people getting creative together. I can’t count the number of times that I have been told ‘I’m not crafty’ by adults, but I beg to differ. I think that everyone is capable of doing art and craft. Sometimes I think we get too hung up on the end product, I believe what is important is the process, using your hands to make something, spending the time together with friends or our children being creative is more than just the end product it is the time itself, the process.

Our Values

Joy Connectedness Sharing Adventure Creative Freedom


Overwhelmingly this is what I want people to feel when they are in the studio space. JOY in what people are creating, JOY in the process, JOY in spending time with others and being part of a community, JOY in feeling like its ok to give things a go, not be afraid of making mistakes and uninhibited in the creation process.

I want others to feel this because this is what I feel when I’m being creative. I think sometimes we put too much pressure on ourselves, focusing on the end product instead of the process itself. Just because you may not consider yourself to be creative because you don’t get the end product you think you should get; doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the creative process. I’ve produced things that looked like a dogs breakfast, but didn’t care because I had fun doing it. I haven’t been to art school, but I still feel joy when I am making.

Hopefully I can share this JOY with you.


I love the human connection of people being creative together, the hands being busy and the words flowing. The common interests and knowledge that can be shared. The intergenerational gap that can be bridged by the creative process. Adults can learn from children to forget their inhibitions and just go for it. Children can learn from adult’s knowledge and experience. Discussions about the creative process, techniques, successes and failures.

For me this is one of the places I find joy in the creative process, in the connection it creates. Not just in the process itself, I have always loved making and giving, to family, to friends, to create smiles, to leave them with a lasting item that shows them I care.

This is why I’m always happy for people to pop their heads in for a chat, just to say hi, or share their lastest project. We will also run monthly open crafternoons, so you will be able to bring in whatever you are working on and share and create around the big Creative Makes table together. If you have children you can bring them along, I will have activities and stories for them as well…it takes a village.


Sharing space with others, having fun being creative together.

Sharing knowledge between generations and levels of experience.

Sharing a sense of fun and playfulness, enjoying the creative process for what it should be, the process not the end product.

Sharing curiosity, wonder, joy, passion, unhindered by apprehension of getting it wrong.


Children have an innate sense of adventure and curiosity. They don’t care what the supplies and materials intended use is. They use them how they want, because they can. I giggle as I watch this drive many adults to distraction, because as we get older we are told what things are for and how to use them, and so sometimes find it difficult to step outside of this.

Creative Makes will provide a space where Adults will be reminded of a child’s sense of adventure, and hopefully take part. Where they can become a reflection of the children, as they learn and create with no prior influence of the “should” or “how”.

My hope is that people will feel comfortable to open up, listen, and learn from the child’s sense of adventure.


This one is for the grownups, although still does apply to children as well. How many of you would say you are not creative? Let me put this to you, if I was to ask if you enjoy the process of crafting, painting, sticking, gluing, not the end product, THE PROCESS ITSELF, what would you say? To me this is what being creative is, it’s the definition of creative. Exploring the actual process of making, and giving it a go, even if it turns out looking like a dogs breakfast (this has happened to me MANY MANY times).

The problem is that many of us are so scared to even give it a try, because we feel like the end product wont look like it ‘should’. Who says what it should look like, the pattern, the picture, the instructions? It should be fun just having a go, trying new processes, exploring colour, texture, line. If it doesn’t end up looking like intended, it’s a story about the journey of how you got there. It’s okay if it looks different, it doesn’t have to look one way. It’s okay to fail.